Our Chartered Accountancy cabinet, Audience Atlantique (A.A.E.C.) assigns every client a direct contact and advisor. Furthermore we offer a diverse range further services including :

  • Accounting Expertise (on a maintained or supervisory basis)
  • Fiscal reviews (reduction and control of taxes, assistance in fiscal controls)
  • Social benefits (Calculation and production of pay slips, social declaration of work contracts and assistance if controlled)
  • A Judicial secretary (for preparation of statutes, general assembly meetings, modifications)
  • A legal audit (involving audit controls, commissions and mergers etc)
  • Asset management and patrimonial reviews ( including the optimisation and control of social and pension insurances and contracts)
  • Business management (creation and accompaniment)
  • Cash flow management (such as legal issues involving sales and purchase conditions plus debt recovery)
  • Administrative management (audits and software reviews, productivity overhauls and organisation)
  • On call Secretarial service such as reception of your telephone calls, all administrative secretarial work from letter writing to spreadsheet creation and excel work appointment planning etc... Offered on a permanent or ad-hoc as and when
  • Various courses (accounting, social and judicial courses, management and computer courses)
  • Anglo Saxon department.


In addition A.A.E.C. has recently been awarded the NACRE certification from the D.R.T.E.F.P. of the Poitou Charente area (Regional direction for work, employment and professional study) to help clients set up their business.

With this award, A.A.E.C. is officially recognised to accompany people in the creation of their business in the following domains:

  • Research concerning project feasibility and implementation
  • Structuration financière et intermédiation bancaire
  • Development and contingency plans
  • Assistance with business start up and development
  • Specialist expert help and advice

Mindful of the importance for businesses to develop overseas, A.A.E.C. has created an Anglo-Saxon department to help French and English businesses develop cross border relations.




Président :
Claudette Frétard-Langlois
Expert Chartered Accountant

Address : 4 rue jean Monnet
ZAC La Raboine 
17110 Saint-Georges-de-Didonne
Tél. : 05 46 05 28 55
Fax : 05 46 05 47 13
Opening hours
of the cabinet :
Monday to Friday, 8h30-12h15 and 14h-18h
For the call Secretarial
service : Monday to Friday, 9h-12h et 14h-18h, Saturday 9h-12h