equipe audience atlantique

The efficiency and excellent reputation of Audience Atlantique (A.A.E.C.) rests upon its competent, dynamic, applied and motivated staff team ranging from newly qualified collaborators to experienced graduates.

Executives and Collaborators are able to offer a diverse range of professional experience from the private and public accounting sectors as well as from related professions such as Insurance, Translation and Training.

In addition to these competences, some of our staff proficiently or fluently speak a foreign language (English or Spanish).

This extensive wealth of experience is a major asset much valued by our clients. We are able to recognise the needs and issues that every client has and can advise them accordingly, thereby providing reassance and peace of mind.

The structure of our Chartered Accountancy Cabinet A.A.E.C. is made up of :

  • An Expert Chartered Accountant affiliated to the " Ordre des Experts-Comptables' (Order of Chartered Accountants) from the Poitou-Charente-Vendée region and a member of the Financial Expert Advisors certified in asset management.
  • An Expert Chartered Accountant (graduate) affiliated to the " Ordre des Experts-Comptables'(Order of Chartered Accountants) from the Poitou-Charente-Vendée region.
  • An Expert Advisor of social issues and asset management.
  • Two experienced Group Leaders and their teams.




Président :
Claudette Frétard-Langlois
Expert Chartered Accountant

Address : 4 rue jean Monnet
ZAC La Raboine 
17110 Saint-Georges-de-Didonne
Tél. : 05 46 05 28 55
Fax : 05 46 05 47 13
Opening hours
of the cabinet :
Monday to Friday, 8h30-12h15 and 14h-18h
For the call Secretarial
service : Monday to Friday, 9h-12h et 14h-18h, Saturday 9h-12h